Life is a Song and Music

Life is a song, a music, a harmony and a beat. Our life is filled with emotions and feelings. It is like writing everyday the lyrics of our life. We may be moody at times, happy most of the time and sad at some point in time. Life gives us peace. It lets us breath and rest. Our heart gets tired at certain moments. But still life must go on and on.

In life there are high and low notes. High, when we are happy, glad and joyful. Low, when we are sad, despaired and sorrowful. We may sing in high and low pitch depending on what our heart is telling us. Lastly, life is a dance floor. We groove, walk, we jump high and we bow down. In whatever beat our life has we should dance to it and just go with it. For we have a life of our own that is meant for us to live. We should sing it and dance with it. 


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