Have faith on your fate

“Have faith on your fate.”

That phrase popped out of my mind two years ago when I am in the midst of trials and challenges. Faith defined by Merriam Webster as strong belief or trust in someone or something, belief in existence of God, strong religious feelings or beliefs. On the other hand, fate as defined also in MW is a power that is believed to control what happens in the future and the things that will happen to a person or a thing. At first, I really can’t put may faith on my fate because my mind is boggled by uncertainties and full of “ifs and buts”. Some questions that I have in my mind before were, “What if it I tried?”, “What if I gave what I can?”, “What if I succeeded?” or “What if I failed?”. Those questions are products of my fears, the fear of rejection, fear of disappointment and fear of failure. And now as I continue my journey, I am learning to trust my fate because that’s the least that I can do for myself. I have this faith because God taught me with those trials and challenges that it may be hard to trust this journey but we should be firm and faithful to his plans. We may not have the full picture of our destination but all we need to bring inside our pockets and in our hearts is faith. Things may be uncertain for now but all we need to do is to HAVE FAITH ON OUR FATE.


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