Raffles’ Spectrum Restaurant

Spectrum 022
Feast of cheeses and cold cuts. I am really a fan of different cold cuts, hams and cheeses ever since.
Spectrum 001
Me and my family had a group picture first before drooling ourselves to the delicious and mouth-watering dishes at the buffet counters.
Spectrum 025
We had our dinner at Spectrum on a Black Saturday that is why the theme for the sweets is all about Easter.
Spectrum 026
Ohh so yummy chocolates!!! 🙂
Spectrum 028
They also have French Macarons.
Spectrum 030
Cookie Dough Cheesecake
Spectrum 033
The Pizza Section, I really loved the cheese pizza. 🙂
Spectrum 037
What bread do you want to try?
Spectrum 038
Fresh seafoods 🐟 🐠 🐡
Spectrum 045
Very mouthwatering dishes that me and my family really loved. 😜

For me our experience here from a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest. I’ll give Spectrum 4 because the dining staffs are very nice and accommodating, pleasant ambiance,  the quality of the dishes are good but there are dishes that I am looking for that are not on the choices. All in all, I will definitely eat here again together with my family or with my friends.

Spectrum | 1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati | http://www.raffles.com/makati/dining/spectrum/


Have faith on your fate

“Have faith on your fate.”

That phrase popped out of my mind two years ago when I am in the midst of trials and challenges. Faith defined by Merriam Webster as strong belief or trust in someone or something, belief in existence of God, strong religious feelings or beliefs. On the other hand, fate as defined also in MW is a power that is believed to control what happens in the future and the things that will happen to a person or a thing. At first, I really can’t put may faith on my fate because my mind is boggled by uncertainties and full of “ifs and buts”. Some questions that I have in my mind before were, “What if it I tried?”, “What if I gave what I can?”, “What if I succeeded?” or “What if I failed?”. Those questions are products of my fears, the fear of rejection, fear of disappointment and fear of failure. And now as I continue my journey, I am learning to trust my fate because that’s the least that I can do for myself. I have this faith because God taught me with those trials and challenges that it may be hard to trust this journey but we should be firm and faithful to his plans. We may not have the full picture of our destination but all we need to bring inside our pockets and in our hearts is faith. Things may be uncertain for now but all we need to do is to HAVE FAITH ON OUR FATE.

Life is a Song and Music

Life is a song, a music, a harmony and a beat. Our life is filled with emotions and feelings. It is like writing everyday the lyrics of our life. We may be moody at times, happy most of the time and sad at some point in time. Life gives us peace. It lets us breath and rest. Our heart gets tired at certain moments. But still life must go on and on.

In life there are high and low notes. High, when we are happy, glad and joyful. Low, when we are sad, despaired and sorrowful. We may sing in high and low pitch depending on what our heart is telling us. Lastly, life is a dance floor. We groove, walk, we jump high and we bow down. In whatever beat our life has we should dance to it and just go with it. For we have a life of our own that is meant for us to live. We should sing it and dance with it. 

Feel Bad? Feel God.

“It is not bad to feel bad.” -The phrase that popped out of my mind this morning. There are moments in your life that all you want to do is stop and breath. You felt tired and harassed by the happenings that the strange world has. We’ll encounter persons who’ll pull us up and some who’ll push us down, persons who’ll say gentle words and some who’ll release sharp as a knife words that will hurt our souls. We can’t choose who are the people we will encounter everyday as we go on with life. If only we can choose to be alone and be with ourselves to avoid conflicts, pains and disappointments. All of them are of purpose, to make us stronger, braver and wiser. God will not put each moments and persons in our life if it is for no definite reason. We may not understand it now but in due time God will let us understand and unfold the reasons for every occurrence in our life. We feel bad, it is normal. We feel sad, it is because we are human. We feel betrayed, it is because of disloyalty factors. We feel alone, it is because we tend to forget God is with us. We feel sorry, it is because we feel the need. We feel unloved, it is because we tend to isolate ourselves from anybody else. I’ve mentioned those negatives because one phrase can wipe out all of those and that is, Faith. We have faith that for every bad feeling there’s something good that will arise—Good from God. God will not let us feel bad all through out our lives. God didn’t promise a bed of roses but he’ll give us what we need to become our better selves. Feel Bad? Feel God.