Make it Blissful x CBTL PH

To all the ladies out there including me who became part of the Journal Workshop with Ms. Martine De Luna sponsored by CBTL Philippines, We’re all very lucky that we were able to attend that one of a kind event. I can’t express very much in words the joy that I have that sunny morning of September 19, 2015. I was very thankful for three reasons: first, I was chosen by CBTL to be part of that event. Second, the resource person is Ms. Martine De Luna (I admire her very much because of her creativity) and third, to meet other ladies who have the same interest as mine (arts, crafts and memories/keepsakes).

At first, I am not sure if my entry will be chosen by CBTL/Brew Philippines because there are lots of more artistic and creative people than me. When I reflected the night when I submitted my entry, I realized that what I have shared is my journey and that means so much to me because it is my personal experience that can inspire and influence other people. I wrote the article with my whole heart and mind on it. I removed first the reason for having that article which is to win a slot/exclusive invite and just focus on my vision of my journey. Things went well for me because Ms. Nella of CBTL PH sent me an email that I was able to get a slot for the Journal Workshop with Ms. Martine De Luna. It really made my day, I have work on a Saturday but I quickly seek for the permission of my boss to do an off-set to attend the event, thanks to my boss for allowing me).

The off-set was all worth it because I really learned a lot from Ms. Martine and I met wonderful ladies who are inspiring and outgoing. Special thanks to Ms. Nella, Ms. Martine and to all the ladies who graced the event. It is really a blessing to be invited and to gain an experience that I can share to my friends and family.

I am looking forward to attend more events like this. Again, thank you Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines! I am so excited to collect stamps for the 2016 CBTL Journal and use it to write down blissful moments that I will have. 🙂

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